Nothing tells your story like a video. Whether you want to build awareness, increase sales or find new customers, online video is the way to go.


At Our World Video, a Subsidiary of Our World Enterprises LLC, we specialize in creating professional, high quality videos for business. We offer an affordable service that lets smaller companies compete with the key influencers in their industries with flawlessly edited, designed and branded video. Read on to learn more about our business and how we can help you to increase your turnover and brand visibility.

Video Commercials

Our custom video production will give you all of the components essential to marketing your business, service or product with video.

Video Effects

Already have footage you want to use for your video? From basic editing to transition effects, take your video to the next level.


Our video marketing services will get you started quickly with your campaign at an affordable price.

Our Latest Work

The Importance of Video

Video marketing is the single most powerful tool your business has for reaching a wider audience, driving sales and making the right impression.

That’s because a video can do an awful lot that no other medium can do – grabbing viewers and conveying a lot more information in a much shorter time than an image or wall of text.

Video allows you to demonstrate, emote, persuade and add a personal touch that builds trust and authority. If a picture tells a thousand words, then a video must tell millions!

Consider This….

Video marketing can elevate your business in the eyes of your audience. That’s because we associate video with larger companies with more resources.

There are countless spammy ‘marketers’ trying to sell eBooks and other products with long landing pages – anyone can create this kind of content.

But when see a glossy video advert, we pay attention because we can see the professionalism and investment that has gone into it.

Once you’ve created your video, you can use it to quickly explain your business right on your website to new leads. Alternatively, you can use it to build a following on YouTube, to grab likes on Facebook, or as part of an advertising campaign. Not sure how to use your video? Don’t worry – we can help with that too!

Why Our Service Stands Out

This is why video makes such a difference. But why use Our World Video to handle your video creation and design?

Simply put, Our World Video offers the best value for money on the web. We believe that everyone should have access to the tools and skills necessary to make beautiful, captivating videos and we don’t see why this should be limited only to huge corporations with lots to spend.

We are a team of highly dedicated professionals and we absolutely love what we do. We get a thrill out of working with clients to create stunning videos that reflect their business ethos, their industry and their target audience.

Our service is always highly tailored to suite your specific demands but we also know exactly how to structure and pace a video to get maximum engagement and conversion. Our communication is second to none and you’ll be able to see our work every step of the way.

Our full list of services include:

• Video Commercial Creation
• Video Effects
• Local Business Video Commercials
• Intros/Outros
• Logo Stingers
• Titles & Animated Titles
• Overlays
• Alphas
• Transitions
• Socials
• Video Distribution/Marketing

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Ready To Get Started?

Our Video Clip Store has a sampling of most of our beautiful and attention grabbing, Done-For-You (D.F.Y.) budget video clips that can be quickly customized for your videos!

Our Video Template Store has many Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) Video Templates that you can easily edit in Microsoft PowerPoint with your own images, audio and etc and then save to a beautiful High Definition Video representing your business, product, event or organization! As seen in the above link, have us make you an amazing animated Intro, Outro, Transition, Social and etc to really make your new video the “Attention Grabber”!

No time? Want Our World Video to take care of all of the creativity for you? We have you covered!

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