Who We Are

Our World Video, a Subsidiary of Our World Enterprises LLC is a hot new video creation agency with a single mission statement: to ensure that high quality video marketing is available to everyone.

We are a small team of highly committed individuals with a wealth of training and experience between us. We’re very passionate about what we do and we’re constantly learning and upgrading our equipment and software to ensure we can take full advantage of modern techniques and approaches.

Take a look around our site to see examples of our video creation. You’ll notice that these are highly polished, professional-looking videos that wouldn’t seem out of place in a television advertising campaign, or on one of the top YouTube channels. This is what you need in order to stand out, grab attention and position yourself as a leading authority in your niche.

Video has the power to engage and captivate in ways that no other medium can – but if the lighting is off, or the sound is grainy, then it can have the complete opposite effect. Our World Video accomplishes top tier production values through a combination of talent, passion, hard work and cutting edge hardware and software.

Our Philosophy

A top quality video really can make your audience sit up and take notice and this is something that all the biggest companies on the net are making full advantage of right now. If you are relying on a simple landing page or a grainy video filmed in your home office, then you just can’t compete! The only problem is that a lot of video production agencies are prohibitively expensive, which perpetuates that uneven playing field.

Our aim is to make sure that smaller businesses, marketers and entrepreneurs can afford to have top quality video marketing too. We can handle the entire process for you and make your vision a reality, or we can edit, touch up and polish any footage you already have to bring it up to par. Ask for a quote and you’ll be surprised at just how affordable top-quality video can be!

As well as providing the best value for money in video creation anywhere on the net, we’re also committed to offering the best service as well. We treat every client as an individual and we will work closely with you to help you design the best approach to your video. We can help with video marketing as well, or we can simply focus on design and editing – it’s your call! Our World Video will adapt to your needs to make sure we can work around your budget while creating a video/campaign that will help you get the results that you’re looking for.

Take a look around the rest of this site for more information on our services and how you can get in touch – or just drop us an email if you’re ready to get started. We look forward to hearing from you and helping to make a real splash on the web.

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