Intro Outro Service

If you only pay for one piece of video editing or design, then it should be your intro/outro. A video opener is a short clip, normally lasting a couple of seconds, that you can use to introduce your brand and bookend your videos.

If you watch any big YouTube channel right now, you’ll find that they almost always start with an opener like this that will help to set the tone and create a consistent feel to strengthen the brand and the message.

Of course you’ll also find that these openers tend to vary in quality greatly. Smaller YouTubers that work online as a hobby will typically have low-budget openers that look grainy and poor quality. More professional ones will feature special effects, amazing art and high quality sound. This makes all the difference to those channels because it makes new viewers sit up and take notice and says ‘this is a serious channel that delivers great quality content’.

Add Personality & Style To Your Videos

It’s not just vloggers that can use openers and outros though: they can also be useful for advertising campaigns, video marketing, courses and much more.

What Makes a Good Opener?

A good opener should be short, lasting just a few seconds to avoid boredom or fatigue. At the same time, it should set the tone of the video, while clearly displaying the channel or brand name. It should be fancy enough to demonstrate high production values but not overly ostentatious so as to appear ‘try hard’. What’s more, it should tie in with the rest of your branding to send a consistent and clear message.

Normally, this will start with a blank screen which will then transition into some kind of animation, effect or other imagery, leading to the reveal of the logo alongside fitting music.

Why Use Our World Video?

If you’re planning any kind of video campaign, then investing early in an intro and outro is a very good idea. OurWorld Video specializes in making highly original, artist and memorable openers that will elevate any new content you make (and YouTube will even let you now apply your opener to your older videos!).

We offer this service at a very reasonable price and will work quickly and efficiently to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with the finished article. We appreciate just how important this is to your business and we consider it an honor to be able to help give your video campaign personality and style!

Contact us about adding personality and syle to your video!

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