Video Commercials

A video commercial can absolutely transform your sales and skyrocket your revenue. That’s because a video is able to demonstrate a product or a service actually being used and because it can combine the right script, with the right music and the right imagery to really trigger an emotional reaction and to encourage your audience to recognize the value in your proposition.

But to do this, your product or service is going to need a highly capable team behind the commercial.

That’s where Our World Video, a Subsidiary of Our World Enterprises LLC comes in.

We have the expertise, the tools and the experience to create the perfect video for your campaign; whether that means building an advert from scratch or adding some polish and additional editing to footage you’ve already collected. Either way, we will ensure your video uses the very best techniques to ensure maximum conversion and engagement.

What Are Video Commercials For?

Once your video is created, there are many different ways you can use it. For example, a commercial video can be embedded on your homepage, where it can grab the attention of people who land on your site, reduce bounce rates and increase conversions. Alternatively, you can use video advertising as part of a PPC campaign and embed your videos right on the homepage of websites in your niche. You can also post video adverts to social media this way, on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Then there’s YouTube’s advertising program, or the option to share your videos via your own pre-existing Facebook page. You can even use your videos on television, to be seen by millions of viewers!

Our Promise

No matter what kind of campaign you have in mind, Our World Video can build videos that will be more than up to the task. We will tailor our service to create a video that will be the perfect fit for your intended platform and can offer the kind of professionalism you’re used to seeing from the very biggest brands.

Either way, we guarantee that you’ll be blown away by the quality and production values that we provide. And if you’re not 100% satisfied, then we’ll keep editing and working until you are!

Get in touch today to find out just how affordable our service is and to create a powerful tool for driving revenue to your business. Just make sure that you have the infrastructure to support the sudden increase in sales, orders and traffic!

For more information on our Video Commercial service contact us today!

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