Video Distribution and Marketing

At Our World Video, a Subsidiary of Our World Enterprises LLC, we don’t just deal in video design, creation and editing. We also recognize the importance of having a great campaign behind those videos and have a wealth of experience building profitable campaigns for our clients!

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing simply means using high quality videos to reach a large audience and drive more sales and enquiries while also increasing your brand awareness.

Your precise strategy is going to depend very much on your goals and budget. For some companies, the priority will be to increase visibility and to ensure that their brand is recognized as widely as possible. For others, the objective will be to drive direct sales and create leads.

Once you know what your goal and budget is, you can then go about deciding where you’re going to display your adverts. You can do this through social media for instance, or by using a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign.

One of the simplest ways for a small business to use a video however is just to place it on their homepage. Often when we find businesses online, it can take a while before we understand what the company is offering or before we make a decision as to whether it’s a good deal. This may result in us leaving, increasing the ‘bounce rate’ for that channel and severely undermining sales. Having a video that autoplays can prevent this by immediately engaging and captivating new visitors and then explaining precisely what the business does, why it’s such great value and how to order! This changes everything and can exponentially increase your orders overnight.

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